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cmlabs HTTP Header Checker is a free and user-friendly tool designed to inspect the HTTP headers of any given website. You can input an URL and quickly retrieve detailed information about the HTTP headers associated with that URL, which are crucial in influencing website performance, security, and compatibility. With this tool, you can obtain a concise report based on the connection, content type, etag, cache control, server type, and more. Try now!

Updated 21 Aug, 2023
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cmlabs HTTP Header Checker is a free and user-friendly tool designed to inspect the HTTP headers of any given website. You can input an URL and quickly retrieve detailed information about the HTTP headers associated with that URL, which are crucial in influencing website performance, security, and compatibility. With this tool, you can obtain a concise report based on the connection, content type, etag, cache control, server type, and more. Try now!

Updated 21 Aug, 2023

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HTTP Header Checker

Writen by cmlabs


Published at Oct 13, 2023

What Is HTPP Header Checker by cmlabs?

Welcome to the world of precision and efficiency, where every digital conversation begins and ends with meticulous scrutiny!

In the digital realm, ensuring seamless communication and optimal performance can be seen from the security header of a particular website.

Since cybersecurity has become a principal pillar in safeguarding individuals, organizations, and nations against a relentless tide of cyber threats, the existence of the HTTP Header Checker tool should not be underestimated.

But, do you know what is it actually?

The HTTP Header Checker by cmlabs is a tool designed to inspect and analyze the headers of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests as well as responses exchanged between client and server.

This tool is one of the most essential components containing important metadata and instructions that oversee how data is transmitted and processed.When we are speaking about cybersecurity, this tool stands as the first line of defense to protect particular websites from potential threats.

This tool can verify the integrity of headers to protect against malicious attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and Clickjacking.

Advantages of Using HTTP Header Checker by cmlabs

The HTTP Header Checker by cmlabs offers a range of valuable advantages that contribute to enhanced security, optimized performance, and streamlined development within the digital landscape.

  • Performance Optimization: The HTTP Checker is designed to fine-tune performance for optimal user experience. It analyzes headers to control caching mechanisms, compression settings, and content delivery strategies, which is incredibly important if you want seamless and responsive browsing.

  • Robust Security Enhancement: This tool can be your powerful ally in fortifying cybersecurity measures. It meticulously inspects HTTP headers to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that critical security headers are correctly configured.

  • Simplified Compliance and Standards: This tool will verify that headers align with recommendations from authoritative bodies to help maintain a high level of professionalism and credibility.

  • Comprehensive SEO and Accessibility Support: This tool goes beyond the technical realm. It can also contribute to improved search engine visibility and accessibility. This tool will ensure that meta tags and other SEO-relevant headers are correctly configured.

Table Detail Description HTTP Header

HTTP Header Description
Content-Type Indicate the form of media
Date Extract the Date and Time information from the given response
Server Details regarding the server software
Set Cookie Distributes cookie the server to the client
Connection Manages the network connection
Content-Encoding Indicates the type of compression
Vary Explains the process of deciding whether to utilize cached data instead of requesting a new response from the server
Cache Control Provides information about caching choices in request and response
Transfer-Encoding The encode utilized for data transfer
Expires Indicating when the response becomes outdated
Content-Length Specifying the resource size in bytes
X-Powered-By Potential usage by Hosting and Backend Server Frameworks that could expose sensitive details like version and software
Link Serializing multiple links within HTTP headers
Pragma Its various implementations tied to caching
Keep-Alive Defines the duration for which a continuous remains active
Last-Modified The date of latest modification of a resource which aids in caching
X-Content-Type-Options Turns off MIME Sniffing to compel the browser to follow the type indicated in the "Content-Type"
CF-RAY CloudFlare Header. Encodes a hashed value that contains details about the data center and the request
ETag Cache Validation Tag: Additionally serves for monitoring users who have cookies disabled
X-Frames-Options Determines if the browser ought to display the page within an iFrame
CF-Cache-Status CloudFlare header indicates whether a resource is stored in the cache
Accept-Ranges Can respond to requests for specific portions of a file, also known as "byte-range requests."
Strict-Transport-Security Enforce the use of HTTPS for communication (not HTTP)
X-XSS-Protection Activate filtering to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Expect-CT Report and enforce Certificate Transparency, preventing the usage of improperly issued certificates for the site are present in public CT logs
X-Cache Employed by CDNs to indicate whether the resource in the CDN cache matches the one on the server
Set-Cookie Transfer cookies from the server to the client
Age Duration in seconds that a resource has been stored in the proxy cache
Upgrade One method to transition from HTTP to HTTPS
Content-Language Describes the intended language(s) for the document
P3P A privacy protocol that saw limited adoption
Content-Security-Policy CSP Manage which resources the client is permitted to load for the page
Via Appended by proxies, useful for both forward and reverse proxies (requests and responses)
Alt-Svc Enumerate alternative approaches to access the service
X-AspNet-Version Specifies the version of ASP.NET currently in use
Access-Control-Allow-Origin Indicates whether the response can be shared
X-UA-Compatible Compatibility header for older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge
Referrer-Policy Establish rules governing how referrer information provided in the referrer header is included with request
Report-To Header utilized to include troubleshooting information
NEL Offer developers an option to configure network error reporting
X-Download-Options Exclusive to IE8, prevents downloads from opening directly in the browser
X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies Refers to a security directive that outlines which types of cross-domain interactions are allowed for a web application.
X-Proxy-Cache Active caching within the NGINX reverse proxy
Etag Employed for HTTP Cache validation and condition requests through If-Match and Id-None-Match
X-Request-Id Distinct request ID that links HTTP requests between a client and a server
X-Cacheable Unconventional header linked to caching, with usage differing across various proxy and CDN networks
X-Dc Refers to a code or identifier that indicates the data center or server location where a particular HTTP request is being processed or served from.
X-Sorting-Hat-PodId Related to Shopify
X-Shopify-Stage Related to Shopify
X-ShopId Related to Shopify
X-Sorting-Hat-ShopId Related to Shopify
X-ShardId Related to Shopify
X-Alternate-Cache-Key Related to Shopify
X-Cache-Hits Data successfully located in cache memory
X-Varnish ID of the current request and the ID of the request that populated the Varnish cache
X-Pass-Why Provides reason for a "MISS" result in the x-cache
X-Generator Exposes information/meta data about the site such as version of software
X-Cache-Group Tags the clients about the cache-group to which they belong
X-Powered-By-Plesk Plesk Hosting Software
X-AspNetMvc-Version Shows the version of the framework
X-Powered-CMS Exposes name and version of CMS
X-Served-By Caching related
expires Constains the date/time after which the response object is considered stale
X-Amz-Cf-Pop Amazon CloudFront
X-Amz-Cf-Id Amazon CloudFront ID (CloudFront requires this information for debugging)
X-Drupal-Cache Indicates if request was served from Drupal Cache (Hit or Miss)
X-Xss-Protection Internet explorer header compatibility filter for blocking XSS
Server-Timing Conveys information for request-response cycle
content-encoding Header specificity compression (gzip / compress / deflates etc)
X-Timer A "Fastly" header: end to end request timing information
X-Runtime Reveals time application takes to serve a request
X-ac Wordpress.com related
Host-Header Maybe same as "Host": header ?
Access-Control-Allow-Headers It allows the web page to include specific HTTP headers in the request when making a cross-origin request (a request to a different domain).
server Information, including software version, utilized by server
date Point in time when the HTTP response was generated and sent from the server. It provides information about when the server responded to the client's request.
X-hacker Recruitment advertisement from automattic.com
Access-Control-Allow-Methods It defines which types of interactions are permitted between different domains, ensuring controlled and secure communication.
X-Litespeed-cache The term "X-Litespeed-cache" in an HTTP Header context refers to a marker or indicator that provides information about caching mechanisms utilized by the LiteSpeed web server.
X-Turbo-Charged-By Added in the presence of Cloudflare usage
strict-transport-security HSTS instructs the browser to utilize HTTPS rather than HTTP
etag Identification an object (including version) for caching intentions
X-Robots-Tag Allow selection of content accessible for search engines to index on the site
X-seen-By It gives insight into the route the request or response has taken through various network nodes.
X-Wix-Request-Id Identification for WIX hosting requests
x-contextid The term "x-contextid" in an HTTP Header context likely represents a unique identifier or token associated with a specific context or session.
X-Mod-Pagespeed Apache (and nginx) module for enhanced performance
X-Cache-Status The term "X-Cache-Status" in an HTTP Header context indicates whether the response was retrieved from a cache or generated directly by the server.
Status Non-standard HTTP response status (Status: 200 OK)
X-Server-Cache Pertaining to non-standard caching matters
x-ray Associated with Cloudflare
Cache-control Specifies mechanisms for caching in request and responses
X-Cache-Enabled Indicates if caching is enabled (True / False)
Access-Control-Allow-Credentials Header instructs the browser whether to expose the response to frontend Javascript
X-Server-Powered-By Reveals server-side software information
X-Adblock-Key Employed by websites to bypass ad blocker plugins
X-Host Non-standard host header
X-Nginx-Cache-Status Header for Nginx caching

How to Use HTTP Header Checker cmlabs

Quickly ensure that your website is secure and compliant! Follow the steps below to obtain meaningful analysis results.

Go to The HTTP Header Checker Page


Figure 1: The front page view of HTTP Header Checker by cmlabs

The first thing you need to do is go to the "Text & Checker" section on cmlabs website. Then, select the HTTP Header Checker option to start inspecting the headers of the desired website.

Enter Website URL


Figure 2: Input website URL

To initiate the review process, you will be asked to input a URL as shown in the example within the blue box. To ensure a smooth review process, make sure the URL you input follows the following format: https://www.example.com.

Now, Check Your HTTP Header!


Figure 3: Click "Check URL"

The next step is to start the inspection process. After entering the URL, simply press the "Check URL" button to initiate the process.Then, wait a few moments until the analysis results are successfully loaded. Rest assured, because the inspection process of this tool will be just as fast as you blinked!

Analyze The Outcome


Figure 4: Analyze your HTTP Header Checker results

After the loading phase is complete, you will be presented with a wide range of outcomes that showcase the website's performance. The examination results cover essential details such as Connection, Content-Type, Date, Etag, Link, Platform, Server, and beyond.

In conclusion, this tool not only provides you with a comprehensive analysis of crucial elements, but it also empowers you with actionable insights to optimize your website's performance and enhance user experiences.By harnessing the valuable information gleaned from this tool, you can make informed decisions that contribute to a seamless and efficient online presence.

Monitor Technology Lookup Usage History

Finally, you can also view a list of Technology Lookup usage history. In the list, you will see a list of website URLs that you have monitored through the Technology Lookup from cmlabs.


Figure 5: A list of history using technology lookup from cmlabs.

Login After 5 Times Usage

Some cmlabs free tools require a login process after 5 times use, Technology Lookup is one of them. If you have used it 5 times, our system will automatically display a message stating that you have reached the usage limit.


Figure 6: Usage warning has reached the limit. In this warning, there is a login button that directs to the login page.

You can log in by clicking the login button on the warning message that appears. Next, you will be directed to the cmlabs login page. Please enter the required data, or you can log in via Google.


Figure 7: cmlabs login page

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to return to using this tool for free checking. By logging in, the system can save historical data on the use of this tool in the last one year.

With a proven track record of delivering accurate and actionable results, our HTTP Header Checker tool can be your trusted companion in the journey of digital excellence. Join countless satisfied users who have harnessed the potential of this tool to fine-tune their online platforms, ensuring faster loading times, smoother interactions, and elevated user satisfaction. Now, it’s your time!

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Edited at Oct 13, 2023

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