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This keyword permutation is the first version that was developed by our team. This generator can shorten users’ time to create a keyword. The tool has three columns to input keywords that are going to be combined. There are also three kinds of keyword matching outputs to ease users to adjust the results.

Updated 15 Mar, 2021

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This keyword permutation is the first version that was developed by our team. This generator can shorten users’ time to create a keyword. The tool has three columns to input keywords that are going to be combined. There are also three kinds of keyword matching outputs to ease users to adjust the results.

Updated 15 Mar, 2021

What is Keyword Permutation Tool?

When it comes to SEO, keyword permutation is a tool that makes the process of permuting keywords easier. Permutation itself is the process of restructuring a number of objects according to particular orders.

In other words, the output of the permutation tool takes the form of the list of keyword combinations that are inputted by users. The result of permutation usually consists of two, or even up to three words. The way it works is by combining the keywords according to the order in their columns.

The keywords in the column are usually in the form of sentences that consist of three words. To separate each word, you can use the enter button. After you finish inputting words, then the system will automatically arrange them to generate the keyword combinations in no time.

The Keyword Permutation Generator from cmlabs can help users get a compilation of keywords that match with the root words based on particular formats. With this tool, you can choose the match type according to your SEO needs.

Aside from content optimization on the website, permutation tools from cmlabs can also help users manage data from Adwords. On the other hand, you may use this tool to organize any type of data that involves the use of keywords as well.

Features of cmlabs Keyword Permutation Generator

The permutation tool from cmlabs is easy and efficient to use. It has advanced features that you can use practically. Such features are as follows:

The Combination of Three Lists of Keywords

By using the permutation tool from cmlabs, you can get the combination that comes from the three lists of keywords. The number of keywords that can be combined is unlimited. Therefore, the result of the combination can vary as well.

Output Adjustment

To get the match that you want, you can choose the output type first. Each choice will automatically add the punctuation according to the permutation you set.

Clear and Copy Permutation Results

Once the permutation is done, the keyword combination that you type will appear in the column of permutation results. In the text area, you will find many keyword combinations that can be copied as a whole and pasted to be managed by Adwords or other keyword research tools.

To provide the space for new permutations, you can "clear" the existing combination by clicking the text “Clear”. After that, the permutation process can be done and the result can be seen in the area named "Permutation Results".

Keyword Match Types

Keyword Permutation Generator can decide which match should be used according to the Adwords or other data managers’ needs. The result of three keywords will be adjusted according to the match you pick. Here are the three types of matches in our tools:

Broad Match

This type of match has a high chance of bringing organic traffic. The level of match is flexible, which means ads can appear anywhere according to their target keywords and synonyms.

Not only that, Google will show the advertisements even though there are misspellings in the searches or the search intent does not fully match the result. Hence, Broad Match is the right choice if you want your ads to get high traffic effectively.

Phrase Match

Compared to Broad Match, the match results in Phrase Match are relatively moderate. The ads that use keywords with this type of match tend to be more specific. It means the ads use specific keywords by using the quote mark ("...") in every single one of their placements.

Exact Match

As for the highest match level, you can use Exact Match. Google will automatically show the ads according to the keyword target that has the exact same meaning. Exact Match can be recognized by its square brackets ([...]) that separate each keyword.

Thus, the short information about Keyword Permutation Generator from cmlabs. You may visit this page to use the service for free and get the result of keywords that you want easily and practically.

How to Use Keyword Permutation Generator

Keyword Permutation Generator is a tool that helps you permutate words easily and practically. This free tool from cmlabs generates a list of keyword combinations entered by the user. The keyword generator system will display the results of the permutations in the designated column. To use this tool, follow these steps:

Go to Keyword Permutation Generator Page

The first step in using this free tool from cmlabs is to go to the Keyword Permutation Generator page. Once you enter the page, you will be presented with a three-column view with the headings Word 1, Word 2, and Word 3 on the left side. Then on the right side, there is the Match option, the Permutation button, along with the Permutation Result column.


Figure 1: Keyword Permutation Generator page view

Enter Keywords

To permutate words, you can enter each word of the sentence in the column on the left. In order to do that, make sure to type one word per line. You can enter keywords in the Word 1 field first. Next, you can enter other keywords, respectively in the Word 2 and Word 3 fields.


Figure 2: The display after entering keywords in the Word 1, Word 2, and Word 3 fields

Click the Permutation Button

The next step after entering keywords is to perform permutations. As the name implies, this free tool from cmlabs will generate combinations of words that have been entered in the Permutation Result column.

To do so, simply select the Match you want and click the Start Permutation button. The result of the combination will be displayed in the Permutation Result column.


Figure 3: Click the Start Permutation button in the Keyword Permutation Generator from cmlabs

Know the Match Type

In general, there are three kinds of matches that are used to determine keyword combinations on the Adwords display on Google. The combination results obtained from the permutation of words can determine the reach of the ad based on its compatibility with the user's search intent.

The three matches are as follows:

  • Broad match: wide range with general intent
  • Phrase match: more specific than broad match
  • Exact match: only appears if the search matches the keyword

Figure 4: Match types in the Keyword Permutation Generator from cmlabs

Check Permutation Results

In the Permutation Results column, you will see a list of combinations of permutations based on the type of match you selected. To use it, simply copy the results and paste them in Adwords or any other platform you use for keyword research.

There are no word usage restrictions in this free word permutation tool from cmlabs. You can permute new words by clicking the 'Clear' option to delete the existing combination results. Then start entering new keywords as you did before.


Figure 5: Check the results of the permutations in the respective columns

That's the procedure for using the permutation generator from cmlabs. You can use the results of these keyword combinations to get traffic according to the search intent match. To use this tool, visit the Keyword Permutation Generator page and permutate as many words as you need.

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