CMLABS / Content Marketing Labs Indonesia
CMLABS specializes in the work of SEO Enterprise, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Content Marketing. Check 2020 offers?
CMLABS / Content Marketing Labs Indonesia
CMLABS specializes in the work of SEO Enterprise, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Content Marketing. Check 2020 offers?
CMLABS / Content Marketing Labs Indonesia
CMLABS specializes in the work of SEO Enterprise, Content Writing, Copywriting, and Content Marketing. Check 2020 offers?


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Why do you need this tool?

SERP, stands for Search Engine Results Page becomes the important medium of the results of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities. This work demands special attention from every marketer, from junior to senior level. The three most important attributes for SERP are URL, Page Title, and Meta Description

Why are these 3 attributes important?

The simplest answer is because they appear on SERPs like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These 3 attributes will be seen by users. Of course, it's the results of crawling and indexing of search engine bots. Let's discuss more in the following paragraphs.

It is also important to know that a search engine is one of the lowest-cost marketing channels and has better accuracy, because of the demand and supply scheme in the presentation.


URL is a representative of your brand/website. That's why the domain age and popularity become important. For example: when the cmlabs brand often appears on the Google SERP, Bing, and Yahoo, the reader will naturally give higher trust, so it has potential to get clicked first. Likewise with crawlers or bots. The more keywords successfully captured in a particular domain, the domain-authority website will be higher and continue to be recommended by search engines to answer users' questions.

The Functions of URL on Websites

  1. Make it easier to identify documents on the website
  2. To make it easier to name a website address containing a document
  3. URL characters make it easier for users to remember the website addresses they have accessed
  4. URL characters are used to identify images, files, videos and other documents

The types of URLs

  1. Relative URL

    Relative URL has a non-standard layout and it only refers to a document you open at that moment.

  2. Absolute URL

    Absolute URL comes with the document location and domain. This URL has a different order from the Relative URL. Relative URLs generally have an arrangement format, namely: domain-directory-document which means that in a domain on each page, there is a directory containing a document or a file. Meanwhile, the Absolute URL only has the format of the document location and domain.


Page Title is one of the entrances to your website. When the title is interesting to click on, and informative enough to answer the user's questions briefly, then your website will have high potential for clicks. Continuous and consistent optimization will affect one important metric in SEO, namely Click-Through Rate. More than that, search engines will also understand if your website is relevant in answering certain questions, so the search engine will display your article to users who ask related questions.

Tips and How to optimize the SEO Friendly Page Title

  1. Using Main Keywords in the Title

    A keyword is one of the important things when creating content on a website. This should not be forgotten and the main keyword must be included in the page title and Meta Description. Put the main keyword in the Title is best to be put at the beginning of the sentence. Why should it be placed on the front? This is because search engines will limit the length of the Page Title. Now, if the keyword is placed on the front, the keyword will automatically be read by search engines and will not be cut off.

    However, the use of keywords at the front of the Page Title would also justify the meaning of the Page Title. When you put the main keyword at the beginning, make sure it is smoothly read. If not, there might be a mismatch with the meaning of the content. If it is not possible to put keywords at the beginning, there is no need to force it. The most important thing you should do is pay attention to the length of the page title, so it would not be cut off by Search Engines.

  2. Length Limit of the Title Page

    In general, the length of a Page Title is 50-60 characters. If the length of the Page Title exceeds the number, search engines will usually trim the page title.

    Make sure that the Page Title contains meaning and information about the content or information that will be presented on a website. Regarding the page title, you don't need to worry, you can use the Title and Meta Description checker tool to find out the length of the title page you will create.

  3. Pay attention to the separation of keywords

    To separate keywords use the | sign or dash. Do not use underscore or other uncommon signs, unless the keyword is written in that way.

  4. Write a Page Title using unique and interesting words

    Page title is a reflection of the content you want to discuss or share. Therefore, to grab the attention of internet users to be interested in opening our website, the page title should be crafted as good and interesting as possible. With the rising number of clicks and visitors on our website, this will automatically have a positive and beneficial impact on our ranking.

The Effect of Page Titles or Title Tags

There are reasons why Title Tags are used, namely :

  1. As a Rating Factor

    TTitle Tags are one of the ranking factors on the website. Using a good title tags will determine whether a website page contains keywords or not. The impact of a good Title Tag will largely depend on the use of its keywords. It is suggested that the title tags contain keywords from the content you have created.

  2. As a Conversion Factor

    This second factor comes from the number of clicks (CTR) on the website pages. The average CTR can be seen from social media, organic search, messenger to browser tabs. If your title or title tags are not relevant to the content it is linked to, the visitors would not be interested in visiting your website. For this reason, the title tags must have information related to the article.


Meta Description is a way for the search engine to provide a limited overview of content. Websmater provides an introduction to the content of user questions displayed on SERP. In the simplest and most commonly known tips, certain keywords are considered important to be included in the meta-description, it helps the bot to understand your entire content and target keywords better and easier. Of course, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the content and the relevance of the keywords you are targeting. Strategies that do not follow search engine guidelines will result in penalties from crawlers.

Why should you write a Meta Description?

Meta Description makes it easier for search engines to find and identify complete and relevant information according to your keywords. This information would later be shown to the users who look for it.

Tips and How to Optimize SEO Friendly Meta Description

Meta Description is an HTML Tag that displays a brief summary of the web page. Meta Description length is up to 160 characters. A search engine like Google will display a Meta Description on the SERP which is very influential on user clicks on the website link. For that, there are 2 ways to make a Meta Description SEO Friendly, including :

  1. Limit the text length in the Meta Description

    A search engine like Google will usually cut the Meta Description text automatically, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the text in the Meta Description limit. The Meta Description should be between 50 - 150 characters long.

  2. Pay attention to diction, make it unique and attractive

    Meta Description is one of the keys to attracting users to click on links or websites. By looking at a brief description of the website, it will influence search engine users to open the website. Meta Description is also a place to advertise our website content so that visitors are interested in reading the brief information about our website. The description in the Meta Description must contain the main keyword and use interesting sentences. Besides that, the text in the Meta Description must be relevant to the content.

  3. Placing keywords at the beginning of the description

    Putting keywords at the beginning of a sentence is one way to introduce the search engines about the keywords we use. In addition, this location is considered a good position, which aims to ensure that the search process is not interrupted when the search results are displayed on the search engine page.

  4. Do not put keywords excessively

    We recommend that the Meta Description should contains keywords in it. However, using keywords excessively in Meta Description is not a good thing to do. Since the meta Description will be displayed and read by users, make the Description user-friendly.


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To facilitate you in understanding the image (above), we have created the information right under this content section. Please learn the specifications in the SEO Tools and Tips that you can apply for website optimization.


Attribute: URL (Uniform Resource Locators)
Example: https://cmlabs.co/karir/


Attribute: Page Title / Title Tag
Example: Career Opportunity in CMLABS Indonesia
SEO Tips: Page title appears on the SERP, so it's important to check the length and information it contains.
*Pixel Minimum 250 pixels and Maximum 470 pixels.
*Character Minimum 30 characters and Maximum 55 characters.


Attribute: Meta Description
Example: Find your dream career on a company that focuses on SEO Enterprise service. We are currently operating our office in Jakarta and Malang.
SEO Tips: Meta description appears on the SERP, so it's important to check the length and information it contains.
*Pixel Minimum 400 pixels and Maximum 750 pixels.
**Character Minimum 65 characters and Maximum 160 characters.
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