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Check your network management with the new and advanced Ping Tool by cmlabs! Experience seamless connectivity as you effortlessly diagnose and monitor your network's health. From identifying latency issues to ensuring rapid response times, Ping Tool by cmlabs will empower you to keep running smoothly in this digital world. Ping now!

Updated 21 Aug, 2023
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In this latest version, the Technology Lookup tool in this latest version helps users identify technology on certain websites. Apart from that, it can also help users to list websites that use a particular technology and browse several websites at once. With this, you can find new prospects with the technology used by your competitors.

Updated 21 Aug, 2023

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Last update Aug 21, 2023

Embark on a voyage of digital discovery as you engage with real-time metrics that reflect the vitality of your network's health and configuration. Now, you can diagnose your network's health as well as navigate your domain to ensure flawless communication, security, and performance of a website with our best tools, Ping Tool and HTTP Header Checker by cmlabs. Check and elevate your website management now!

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Ping Tool

Writen by cmlabs


Published at Aug 21, 2023

What is Ping Tool by cmlabs?

Have you ever had a road trip and periodically check your GPS to ensure you're on track and have the best time?

Just like that, network administrators and tech-savvy individuals have their own version of the "tracking tool" in the digital realm, known as Ping Tool.

Just as you rely on GPS to stay informed about your journey, Free Ping Tool by cmlabs allows you to remain alert and informed about the health and efficiency of your network connections on a website.

In this digital landscape, this tool stands as a crucial instrument to help users measure how quickly their data travels as well as ensure a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.

Online Ping Tool is a network utility to test the existence of a website's IP address or domain and analyzes the network quality and responsiveness of a target device server on a network.

Ping Tool by cmlabs, most specifically, provides essential information about the quality of the particular network connection and helps users identify potential harm or latency issues.

Advantages of Free Ping Tool by cmlabs

Our tool offers a range of valuable advantages that make it an essential utility for network administrators or anyone concerned with network performance. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Network Connectivity Testing: This tool allows you to quickly test and verify network connectivity. By sending out a “PING” request to a target device or server, users can confirm whether or not the destination is reachable.

  • Latency Measurement: It also provides a simple and effective way to measure latency, helping users assess the responsiveness of their network connections. This information is crucial for ensuring smooth and lag-free experiences in various online activities.

  • Troubleshooting Network Problems: By analyzing ping statistics, administrators can identify high latency or inconsistent response times.

  • Performance Monitoring: This tool helps you to monitor the network devices and servers since administrators can track changes in response times or detect potential degradation in network performance.

  • Remote Server Status Checking: It offers a quick way to assess the availability and responsiveness of particular IP addresses or URLs.

How to Use It Ping Tool cmlabs?

Make sure your domain or IP address is online, available, and responsive now! Follow the steps below and be ready to check the result.

Go to cmlabs Ping Tool Page


Figure 1: Ping Tool front page view from cmlabs

The first thing you need to do is go to the Test & Checker tools page by cmlabs. Choose Ping Tool to start checking your network management.

Input URL or IP Address

To initiate the assessment, input the IP address or URL as illustrated in the provided example within the blue-boxed area. You can either input https://www.example.com or, the decision is yours!

Select The Input (URL/IP Address)


Figure 2: Select the type of your input

After entering the IP address or URL, now you should click the button “Select Value Type” and choose the type of input in correspondence to the previously entered data (choose URL for URL entries and choose IP Address if you input IP Address).

Now, Ping!


Figure 3: Click Ping to start the process

Subsequently, kickstart the process by directly clicking the "Ping" button situated in the upper right corner. Allow a brief pause for the scanning procedure to reach completion.

Once it is finalized, you will be presented with outcomes featuring an array of specifics detailing the internet network's status and accessibility.In essence, the scan outcomes will showcase:

  • Domain Name
  • IP Address
  • Responding Time
  • Other pertinent details

WithPlease note that the online Ping Tool by cmlabs stands as an invaluable companion for both novice users and seasoned IT professionals. With a seamless and efficient way to gauge network connectivity, latency, and performance, this tool will make your analyzing time more precise and accurate. So, trust our tool as your essential asset for troubleshooting and maintaining robust network infrastructures!

Monitor Technology Lookup Usage History

Finally, you can also view a list of Technology Lookup usage history. In the list, you will see a list of website URLs that you have monitored through the Technology Lookup from cmlabs.


Figure 4: A list of history using technology lookup from cmlabs.

Login After 5 Times Usage

Some cmlabs free tools require a login process after 5 times use, Technology Lookup is one of them. If you have used it 5 times, our system will automatically display a message stating that you have reached the usage limit.


Figure 5: Usage warning has reached the limit. In this warning, there is a login button that directs to the login page.

You can log in by clicking the login button on the warning message that appears. Next, you will be directed to the cmlabs login page. Please enter the required data, or you can log in via Google.


Figure 6: cmlabs login page

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to return to using this tool for free checking. By logging in, the system can save historical data on the use of this tool in the last one year.

Now is your time to step into the new era of network management excellence with our Ping Tool. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a network administrator, or simply a casual user, this tool is your indispensable companion for ensuring seamless connectivity, low latency, and optimal performance in your digital interactions. Try and Ping now!

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Edited at Aug 21, 2023

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