The Steps to Check FAQ Rich Result on Google

1. After typing in the FAQ, a code will appear in the right box that you can copy. To see how this FAQ appears on Google, click “Test Rich Result“.

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2. On this page, you will check whether the code can be displayed in rich result by clicking “TEST CODE“.

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3. You will see a green check icon which means that the FAQ can appear in the rich result. Once you know that the FAQ you type can appear in SERP's rich result, you can see the preview in the smartphone display. Just click “PREVIEW RESULTS“

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4. Next, you will be directed to a Google page display that contains the FAQ you typed. This is the appearance of your FAQ in Google rich result.

Important note: In order for the FAQ to appear in rich result, write at least 3 questions and answers.

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What is the Schema FAQ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is the page containing questions and answers related to topics, products, and services of specific companies. Interestingly, search engines like Google support the display of FAQs for your website to appear on SERP. Of course, you you need to follow the procedures and conditions that have been made.

Now, your activities on SEO would become easier with the third cmlabs tool: the FAQ Schema JSON Generator. With a simple process that doesn't even require coding knowledge of certain programming languages, you can enable rich snippets in SERP.

Why Does Your Website Need a Schema FAQ?

Before answering the main question, we take you back two steps, and ask "What information do users need most about your product or company?"

Then, the next step is, you have to prepare all the information they need, of course it is better if it is published online. Since when users have one particular question, they could immediately get the answer.

Pay attention, users need answers immediately. So they expect important information to answer the difficult questions they are thinking about, of course relating to your product/service and other information about your company.

Therefore, the Schema FAQ is the solution. This rich snippet feature was released by Google to answer the speed problem. When users really expect accurate and fast answers, sometimes:

  • Website pages are slower than expectations,
  • The information displays the list of unstructured questions and answers, and
  • Placement of FAQ information that is difficult to find by most internet users;

Regardless of how it is applied and how difficult it is, those are three fundamental reasons why the FAQ Schema is important for the website owners to activate it. In the next section, we will provide a tutorial on how to install the Schema FAQ on the website.

Why Is Having an FAQ Page Important for Your Website?

A good FAQ list is one of the most important elements of a business website. True, all companies need to have quality content and attractive appearance to provide a good user experience. However, you need FAQs on your site to attract large traffic and convert more customers.

The Shema FAQ is an integral part of good navigation and a customer's journey through the website. This FAQ is an information center for your audience who wants to learn more about the business and find out about the products and services provided, and see if they are what they want.

Every time someone clicks on the Shema FAQ, they have entered your business. For many people, the FAQ page is the second page they visit after the Home or Service page.

Instead of guessing what topics you should write about, you can use online marketing tools for small businesses to help you understand customer needs. This is the best way to optimize your Shema FAQ before spending a lot of time or resources.

For many people, the FAQ page on the website is the second page that they visit after the Home or Service page. In the FAQ section you need to include high quality content that will help customers understand products and services quickly.

This means that your Shema FAQ can play an important role in directing your audience to become potential customers. You should know that investing in high quality content for the FAQ page will greatly impact conversion rates and help your business improve rapidly.

Along with technical questions and answers, the FAQ page will give the impression that your website is an official and trusted site. The Shema FAQ shows that your company knows a lot about products and services so that it can answer questions before they are even asked.

You can also use the FAQ page as a form of social proof because your business can establish a company's website as a valuable asset to drive sales.

Finally, the FAQ page on the website will reduce a lot of pressure from customer service. Instead of making lots of questions accessible to answer customer questions, it's best to promote your FAQ page to clients as a source of practical information about the company.

Main benefits of the FAQ page

In addition to the homepage and other important pages on your website, visitors will also go to the FAQ page if they want to learn more about available products and offers.

Because the FAQ page will be a favorite page on the company's website, you must provide a link to the product page. This will help internal linking strategies on your website and improve SEO strategies that also affect other areas on your website.

1. FAQ Page Helps You Overcome Your Reader Needs

If you want to increase the practical value of your site, increase business authority, and increase conversions, then you need to have a complete and targeted Shema FAQ. The Shema FAQ is the main center customers go to when they have a question.

One of the strongest reasons to have a FAQ section is to answer customer needs, because customers are potential buyers who want to know more information about products and services by reading on the FAQ page. You must provide quality content about your business on the FAQ page.

The best way you can overcome objections and increase sales is to provide accurate information to answer questions that are likely to be asked by customers.

2. Make Your Company Website As a Main Reference

When there are questions that hang, people will search on your website because they believe your website is the main reference. The same thing happens when your customers ask questions about your products and services. Because your customers want to know information about problems that are known to your business, use the FAQ page as a way to build a company website as a trusted expert.

Every time your audience asks product and service questions, you can prove yourself an expert through answers that contain complete and accurate information.

Your job is to get people interested, so you have to do everything you can to make yourself a trusted expert. Providing exceptional answers to questions asked by customers is the best way for you to become a reliable source of information.

Use the Shema FAQ to help your business win the trust of customers. You can use the FAQ page as the first point of contact with customers, after which you can direct them to be buyers.

3. Increase Your Sales

If your business has an optimized FAQ page on your website, you will see an increase in conversions because the percentage of visitors to your website will buy the products and services available.

However, having an FAQ page that contains information that is too diverse will not succeed.

Your FAQ page needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. In addition to having focused content, you must have a link from your FAQ page to the product page and online store.

A better tactic for the FAQ page is to compare your products and services with competitors. This strategy is a natural way to show the superiority of your business compared to other competitors.

4. Improve SEO

Search engines like the FAQ page because they provide relevant content to help Google understand your business.

This means that you need lots of good content to help your website appear in search engines. Your website's FAQ page is a great place to publish lots of interesting information about your business, products and services.

You can also use your FAQ page to enter the long tail keywords that customers are looking for. Because you have already provided information about your business, you can add keyword-rich content so that when someone searches for related products and services, they will find an FAQ page.

The questions and answers that you include on your FAQ page must represent the customer's thoughts. When the FAQ is full and complete, this page will rank highly in search engines.

This is why you must enter specific and detailed questions on your FAQ page. This page must contain relevant information about your business so that it can appear on search engines like Google and Bing.